Network Staff may enforce order in whatever manner they see fit for the smooth operation of the network. Rule #1 is don't piss off someone who has more zap than you do. In addition, any of the following rules may be enforced at any given level, by any network staff as they deem appropriate.

Above all else, we want you to have a good time at, and if you have any issue don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff, or E-mail one of us. Please follow these rules and you’ll have a pleasant time here.

Legal Disclaimer: While using the IRC Network in any way, shape, or form you hereby acknowledge that the staff of does not actively monitor all content within its servers, and you hereby release IRC Network, its administration, and its upstream providers, of any liability for any information or other content which you receive. However, you, as the user, are responsible for what you send and receive over IRC and DCC. You likewise acknowledge that has the right and ability to choose to monitor and record your communications at any time and without warning. For more on this policy please see the server MOTD. While this ability is not used casually its presence means that any and all text sent via should be treated as potentially insecure.


Channels on this network with content that could be rated by the ESRB as "Mature" or less intense may be public or private, as the channel founder sees fit. The "official" channels (#Caelestia, #Staff) should be considered to fall into the category of "Mature" ESRB rating, for what you may possibly experience there. The content of any given channel on the Caelestia IRC network is assumed to fall under the "Mature" rating (as defined below) unless otherwise is specifically and publically stated. However, the definition of any given rating as applied to any particular channel is subject to the interpretation of that channel's founder and assigned channel operators.

The following shall be considered the general guidelines for Channel(s) which meet or exceed the ESRB rating of "Adult Only"

  • The channel topic(s) must at all times contain a clear warning regarding the potential for objectional content...
  • The content must remain within the confines of the channel(s) and/or in private messages among the channels members and may not spill out into other areas.
  • The channel must be registered with the Channel Registration service (ChanServ) and be mode locked such that it must require a channel key (+k) to get in or be set invite only (+i). Users who wish to gain access to the channel who know of its existence can either use the /knock command or if they are on the channels access list the ChanServ Invite command.
  • Channel operators take full responsibility for anything that occurs in such channels.
  • The channel topic for all ESRB adult channels shall follow the form:
    [Warning and content alert] Topic Text (optional key)

    example: [Warning: Adult Content | Language, Violence] Gothic RPG set in 1800's London (Key: vamp )

Channels which are overtly and consistently sexual in content must remain mode locked secret (+s) or private (+p) in addition to the established rules regarding adult content. The network IRC operators reserve the right to determine that a channels nature is such that it is more appropriately set private or secret and may apply this mode without warning.

Language is an international community, and as such, there will be people from many different nationalities using the network. We ask that you use only English in the official network channels. Other channels may have their own independent allowances and/or restrictions, as determined by the channel’s creator.

Bots and Scripts

It is permitted to run bots and scripts on Caelestia, but remember that they must obey all the network rules. Do not abuse the fact that we allow scripts to run; reports of people using scripts to abuse and harass other users will result in the user being banned for a short time, or possibly forever. The same rules apply for bots. We don’t mind bots on the server, but when they are used to harass people or advertise then they’re annoying and the bots will be removed from the server, and the user of the said bot could face a warning, then if they continue, a network ban.

Do not harass other users

Harassment is defined as intentionally causing direct annoyance, inconvenience, threat, or damage to another person. We recognize that harassment is a very broad and subjective violation, so it is possible to have one's actions construed as harassment when there was no malicious intent on the part of the one accused of harassment. General guidelines follow so as to further assist in defining and determining harassment. These guidelines have been created to provide a filtering system against frivolous claims of harassment. This does not excuse harassment, and particularly blatant cases can be met with punishment even if the harasser claims to be misunderstood or taken too seriously. Apply the golden rule if you think you may be doing something that could easily be considered harassment. First and foremost, respect privacy and age. Do not annoy anyone for personal information of any nature. If someone does not want to tell you how old they are, or where they live, or other information of a personal nature, then respect their wishes. If you are trying to contact another user, you do not harass them. If somebody wants to talk with you they will, and they’ll do it in their own time. If you feel threatened, harassed, discriminated against or otherwise irked by the actions of another user, please inform said user that you feel harassed/threatened/etc. by his/her actions before asking the authorities to deal with the harasser. It is entirely possible that it's all just a misunderstanding. Not doing so and immediately requesting that the harasser be dealt with will throw serious doubt upon your claim. If you have informed the harasser that he/she is, in fact, harassing you and a subsequent acceptable resolution cannot be reached, bring the matter to the attention to the appropriate authority. Be prepared to provide direct quotations of the offending remarks or actions. If it is possible, have the harasser present. You must abide by the authority's decision on the matter. If one makes a fraudulent claim of harassment, the user making the claim can be punished.

Regarding trolling has adopted a zero tolerance policy on trolling. Trolling is definied as any action designed to delierately upset or cause emotional distress to another user.

Operators have the final and unappealable decision whether any given act is trolling and will enforce this and all rules according to the spirit in which they are written rather than the letter of their text.

Regarding special types of harassment

THIS NETWORK HAS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY REGARDING THE HARASSMENT OF NETWORK STAFF. YOU CAN BE BANNED PERMANENTLY WITH NO WARNING WHATSOEVER FOR HARASSING ANY IRC OPERATOR. Harassment of network staff is defined as any act of harassment by a user where the basis for that harassment stems from the fact that the person being harassed is an IRC operator. In addition, any sort of sexual harassment, or harassment that is viewed as “hate speech”, including but not limited to aggression, defamation, or slurs about ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, education, or other such personal qualities, can and will be dealt with in a severe fashion, even if it is a first offense. Definition of this type of harassment is the discretion of the IRC operator dealing with the case involved.

Illegal Activities

Illegal activities are not tolerated on Any person who endorses or otherwise engages in discussion of illegal activities in any positive manner is in violation of network policy, and will be dealt with severely. This includes, but is not limited to any person who is discussing their own involvement in illegal activites, or discussing methods or giving instruction in performing illegal activities. Since the majority of Caelestia servers exist in the United States of America, the the basis for determining legality is that of the laws of the United States of America. As an addendum, the laws of any other country, state, province, or city which hosts a Caelestia server are also considered enforceable, unless they are in contradiction to the laws of the United States of America. Illegal activities also specifically include, but are not limited to, software and music piracy, use and manufacture of controlled substances, child pornography, illegal access to information systems, and theft of services.


Repeated advertising other networks, sites not affiliated with IRC network and chat channels not present on is against the rules. You may post a link to a site once, in any of the official channels. It is acceptable to post any site (other than sites which violate other network rules) in your own channel amongst a groups of friends. Specific channels may have more restrictive rules regarding advertisement.

You may not link to another network or chatroom within the topic of a channel without permission of network staff as such links persist in a /list. Tel'Laerad is the one exception to this rule. Links to channels on Tel'laerad are permitted so long as all other network rules are followed.

The Letter versus the Spirit of the Law legislators also make up the judiciary. As such operators are the most effective judges of the intention or purpose of a law. operators reserve the right to "Legislate from the Bench" when needed.

To put it another way since Caelestia is a gaming network: "Rules lawyering pisses us the hell off and will likely result in removal without appeal."

To put it a third way: The Dungeon Master is always right. You are not the Dungeon Master.

If you find this policy totalitarian, authoritarian, or unacceptable, we kindly invite you to use another network with a less restrictive policy. A list of alternatives may be found here.