In general, we are a smaller but active network geared more towards facilitating gaming. Channels that would exceed ESRB ratings of 'Adult Only' have specific restrictions place on them, as detailed under the Content section in Network Rules. Of the larger communities, we host channels for AdventureQuest and There are also several channels for roleplaying.

Tel'Laerad IRC Network

If you are looking for additional channels or a slightly different environment, but still want a games and gaming focus, than would like to recommend that you really should consider Tel'Laerad.

Tel'Laerad was founded by many present and past staff members of and has a similar theme and focus, but with a feel and style all its own. Tel'Laerad and Caelestia maintain a friendly relationship and even share development efforts from time to time. hopes you enjoy your stay here and continue to visit, but if you are looking for something else or just want to expand your options the Tree of Worlds may be just what you are looking for!